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Sravel is a social travel mobile application for young people who want to create their own path around the world!

Sravel is the app to have if you travel nationally or internationally. Unlike most travel apps, Sravel focuses on your own personal network.

For example, instead of digging through social media sites to see if anyone you know will be in Vegas the same weekend as you – just open up Sravel and there is a list of your friends who will be there!

Sravel also allows you to see where your friends have been. This makes it really easy to start to plan a trip. Want to go to Paris and have a few questions about it? Step one – find someone who has been there. Now, you have a list of all of your friends who have been to Paris and you can start planning your dream trip!

On top of that, you can see if anyone you know will be in Paris when you are planning to go or tailor your trip to when your friends will be there.

Another great feature is the ability to track your travels! Keep a “Where I’ve Been” list and share it every time you add a new country or city.

In short you can: Track your own past and current travels Post your future travel plans See where your friends will be traveling Search your friends past travels by country Share straight to Facebook


The founder of Sravel has a huge passion for traveling. Melissa Brennan reached her seventh and final continent
seven days after her 21st birthday and has been to ~70 countries to date. She decided to create a platform that
would be simple, budget-friendly and social to keep young travelers traveling and connected.

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